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  9.00   Registration
        Chairman Franco Carlini, journalist and writer
  9.30-9.40   Introduction
Claudio Corbetta, S.p.A. CEO, DADA Group
  9.40-10.00   .EU, Economic Freedoms and Legitimate Rights: An Integrated Approach
Olivier Hance, Legal Counsellor at the European Commission
  10.00-10.20   The introduction of the new gTLDs: competition and innovation
Paul Verhoef, Vice President, Policy Development Support, ICANN
  10.20-10.40   ICANN and WSIS
Stefano Trumpy, IIT-CNR, Italian Representative in the GAC, ICANN
  10.40-11.00   Best practices of the ccTLDs Registries
Giovanni Seppia, CENTR General Director, "Council of European National TLD Registries"
  11.00-11.20   Coffee Break
  11.20-11.40   AHR: the Association Hosters & Registrar
Gianluca Pellegrini, Chairman AHR
  11.40-12.00   .it domain names three months after the "liberalization"
Franco Denoth, IIT-CNR, .it Registry Director
  12.00-12.20   Internet, Privacy and Data Protection
Rocco Panetta, Attorney-at-Law
  12.20-12.40   Spam and virus
Gian Carlo Ariosto, ISOC Italy Director and Manager of mailing list
  12.40-13.00   Q & A
  13.00-14.00   Lunch
Workshop: Online Brand Management
Chairman Franco Carlini, journalist and writer
Introduction by: Claudio Corbetta, S.p.A. CEO, DADA Group
  14.30-16.30   Intervengono:

Manfredi Ricca, Interbrand Italy Business Director
What is brand and what is it for?

Patrizio Menchetti, lawyer in Milan and member of the Legal Advisory Board, Information Society Directorate General
From domain to trademark and vice versa

Laura Turini, lawyer in Pisa, journalist and writer
Internet domains and dispute resolution procedures

Gianfranco Vallana, CEO & Managing Director, Grey Synchronized Partners
The three dimensions of brand

Silvio Sberveglieri, IT Manager SMEG
Online Brand Management: SMEG case history

Emanuela di Pasqua, journalist and director of "Il marchio delle idee"
When an online brand becomes a verb: "to google"

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