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Laura Turini

Avv. Laura Turini is the owner of Studio Legale Turini, founded in 1993 and since 2000 Center for the domain name dispute resolution for the domain name ".it" ( The Studio Turini ( operates mainly in the field industrial law, dealing exclusively with the protection of new ideas, legal cases relative to the Internet and the Net law. It has a long experience in the field of patents and trademarks filed and registered all around the world, thanks to a settled network of foreign correspondents who act on her behalf abroad. From a strictly legal point of view The Studio Turini also carries out negotiations and contracts for the transfer and license of patents and trademarks, as well as contracts relative to the exploitation of the rights of intellectual property. It deals with infringement and forgery cases and has tackled important conflicts relative to the problems raised by the use of the Internet. Avv. Laura Turini collaborates with important legal newspapers and magazines, as Alfa (IlSole24Ore) and she’s a guest speaker for Radio24. She runs the website and she writes articles for Guida al Diritto, Diritto e pratica delle società, 24Ore Avvocato, Il diritto industriale, and other patent and trademark magazines. She’s written "Domini iinternet e risoluzione dei conflitti", ed. IlSole24Ore.