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Gianluca Pellegrini

Graduated as a computer programmer and before he started focusing on Internet related matters he gained experience, in Italy and abroad, in the telecommunication sector and computer sciences.
Currently he is CEO and managing director of the company srl, an ICANN Accredited Registrar since 2001, and he is the president and co-ordinator of, an organisation having presence in 7 countries (Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Spain, Germany and the USA).
Pellegrini is a member of the Policy Committee (Commissione Regole) of the ccTLD Registry ".it", which originated at the seat of the IIT-CNR, the Institute for Informatics and Telematics at the Italian National Research Council. He is also president of AHR (, the Association Hosters and Registrars, founded by some of the main players of this sector (,,, and whose members cover about 50% of the hosting and domain name market in Italy. AHR was founded for one main objective: to assign representativeness to the sector of essential Internet services which is taking up an increasingly important strategic position.