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    Chairman Franco Carlini, journalist and writer, Corriere della Sera

  Welcome by
Claudio Corbetta, Register.it S.p.A. CEO

  "ICANN Rome 2004"
Glen de Saint Géry, Generic Names Supporting Organization (GNSO)

  ".Eu next steps"
George Papapavlou, Principal administrator of the Commission of the E.C.

  ".Eu and the other European ccTLD"
Franco Denoth, General Manager of the .it Registry

  "Children and the Net"
Daniele Damele, Coordinator of the Working Group "Children and the Net", Italian Ministry of Communications

  "ICANN perspectives towards Internet Security and Stability"
Stefano Trumpy, Member of the GAC (Governmental Advisory Committee), ICANN

  "spam: is there an ideal solution?"
Gian Carlo Ariosto, Administrator of the list spam@2talk.it

Workshop "Online brand protection: recent case histories"

  Roberto Lazzaro,
FERRARI S.p.A. Site Manager
  Patrizio Menchetti, Lawyer in Milan and member of the Legal Advisory Board, European Commission, Information Society, Directorate-General
  Aldo Federico Nobile, New Media technical and legal Consultant, Studio Nobile, Milan
  Stefano Sordi, Register.it S.p.A. Sales Manager